• How aligned is your strategy to the insights from your people and your culture?

    Every organisation has a strategy...

    At best, it is intentional, collective, simple, inspiring and helps guide all decision-making. At worst, it is complicated, static and lives collecting dust in a file on a shelf…

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    We believe good strategy must...

    • Consider the workplace culture ... how aggressive can the strategy 'growth ambitions' be if these are not identified in the culture?
    • Be a strong collective effort with the Executive Team.
    • Be both cascadeable and escalable...
    • Be specific about what success looks like.

    In formulating it, we believe ...

    • it must engage the perspectives of the whole organisation and not just the Executive i.e. must consider the views of the collective. 
    • [We acknowledge that the Executive will always be accountable for direction setting, but for executable strategy, the power of engaging the Collective is key.]
    • it must consider the workplace culture and underlying values as a baseline for departure,
    • must be a dynamic process, which has built in cadence for reflection and periodical iteration.

    Through engaging your Team, using either physical or online visual mapping and interactive planning tools,
    we facilitate a tried and trusted approach toward the development of strategy that ensures that strategy that is developed through co-creation and can only but succeed.

    Is your strategy aligned to your culture, driven by your values and co-created by your people?

    Want it to be?