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    Founded as a boutique strategy facilitation agency by Tim Willard in May 2011, navigate has evolved to become a focused, full service change design and execution agency, working with a broad range of Clients across various industries helping them overcome varied strategy and culture related challenges in support of their growth and success.

    In doing this work we draw on a range of tools, from leading global approaches to culture measurement, values mapping, change - strategy, innovation and related digital tools and services and many in between which support us in delivering on your assignment.


    All of our engagements are custom designed to your context and brief and in so doing we are able to meet Clients where they are (rather than trying to shoehorn someone else's solution onto a perhaps similar but inherently different challenge...)


    We are accredited to make use of the following tools:

    We are Global Values Alliance founder members www.valuesalliance.net.

    Although based in Cape Town, South Africa , through our associations and global partner network, we confidently consider assignments wherever you are

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