• Welcome to navigatescenarios

    THE online scenario learning, planning platform supporting you, your team or your organisation's strategic thinking, scenario learning
    and planning processes

    COVID19 continues to have a profound impact on us all, leaving no industry, sector or community unaffected, an impact unprecedented and unparalleled
    in our life times, across the globe. 

    Building on the need to support our Clients in their scenario learning and planning processes that we have traditionally navigated on site/ face-to-face pre March 2020 (the Old Normal)  and the opportunity that's resulted from swift appreciation and transition to remote work, the navigatescenarios platform was born.


    navigatescenarios sets out to be a pioneering,
    end-to-end online scenario learning/scenario  planning platform providing remote work support to Clients in their strategic thinking initiatives
    as well as the work of scenario planning practitioners
    in this space worldwide!

  • So, if you have questions like...

    'What could 202X look like for our industry, our sector, our business, our organisation?
    What could 202X look like for our Team?


  • 'If I could land my dream job in 202X, what could that look like?'

    'What could my career look like in 202X?'

    'COVID19 has got me retrenched and I need to move to another City... what could the impact of that move in the context of COVID19 look like in 202X?'

  •  then navigatescenario's range of 100% online, 100% customisable scenario learning, planning and support solutions is what you need to help make sense in these unprecedented times!

    Some our recent work that we can share...

    What will Business in the Western Cape look like in December 2021?

    Over 120 CEO's, C Suite Executives and Business Owners across a diverse range of sectors and industries of the Western Cape, South Africa - with over a collective 2400 years of experience - contributed to this pioneering, online (remotely facilitated) scenario learning exercise

    What will Small to Medium Enterprise/Business in the New Zealand look like in December 2021?

    More than 50 CEO's, C Suite Executives and Business Owners across a diverse range of New Zealand SME sectors and industries - with over a collective 1000 years of experience - contributed to this pioneering, global remotely facilitated scenario learning exercise

    A divergent perspective on the future of creativity - scenarios at 2025

    As part of the Creative Mornings series of webinars, the audience panel (with more than 350 years of creative experience between them) contributed to this facilitated scenario learning exercise

    • All work managed and facilitated online
      facilitated by a qualified navigators every step of the way!

    • Although you may learn through the process, our work is not about teaching - the focus is on DOING! 

    Building on proven processes of scenario planning pioneers ..

  • A team of qualified and experienced Scenario Navigators

    Your scenarios, relevant to you developed with you, by you

    Delivered within a week from brief - start to finish!*


  • Trust navigatescenarios.com to work with you to forecast plausible futures enabling you, your Team or your Organisation to plan for all plausible outcomes in the pursuit of the next best version of you!

  • How we work...


    FREE 30 minute no obligation online consultation to both understand your needs and share with you our approach


    We co create the Scenario Learning/Planning approach


    With the support of an experienced Navigator,
    we work with you to generate your personal, context relevant scenarios


    Option to extend through Post Scenario Planning exercise to support with Execution

    No obligation to continue, its your story!
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