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    The POINT2POINT Challenge

    Inspired by the idea of mountain biking the length of the beautiful Cape Peninsula, from Cape Point - the south eastern most point - to Green Point - the north western most point - traversing Table Mountain National Park and Table Mountain, in one ride...
    the concept of the POINT2POINT Challenge has evolved into a self supported individual/small group cycling challenge which inviting average plus riders of all ages to challenge themselves and one another to complete this a one-of-a-kind bike riding experience.

    Modeled on the mechanics of Ryan Sands 13 Peaks Challenge, but created specifically with weekend warrior mountain bikers (with similar capabilities and fitness) in mind, the POINT2POINT Challenge and route are about being a cycling challenge - not a race.

    The Original route is for mountain/ trail able bikes and riders offering an Epic approximating 98 km distance +50% of which travels through National Park single track and trails with over 2000+ m of climbing.

    To encourage maximum inclusivity, two additional POINT2POINT Challenge routes are also on offer, suitable for all bike categories.

    • The POINT2POINT Challenge Road is a respectable 84 kms ride, all tar, taking in some of the Cape Peninsula's biggest climbs (1300 m odd vertical) and offering some of the most spectacularly scenic riding in the Western Cape.



    • The POINT2POINT Challenge Lite ride provides 74kms of similarly beautifully scenic riding (also all tar) with just over 950 m of breathless 'vista' climbing, taking in some of the world acclaimed CTCT (Argus Cycle Tour) route and climbs including the famed Chapman's Peak and Suikerbossie!

    Successful Challengers log their achievement at www.point2pointchallenge.com and are listed on the POINT2POINT Challenge Wall of Fame.

    (For a small fee, achievements are entered on Category Leader Boards - by Bike and Gender Category. 50% of these proceeds go to POINT2POINT Challenge identified causes across Table Mountain).

    The POINT2POINT Challenge is envisioning becoming #CapeTownsmostbeautifulcyclingchallenge and one of the Western Cape's Top 5 Cycling must do 'events'.

    For the good of cycling in the Mother City, inspiring others to get out and ride their bikes in our most beautiful environment and in so doing hopefully make Table Mountain a safer place to ride, our navigate for good involvement is to set it all up as well as inspire others to participate!

    More on Instagram here or www.point2pointchallenge.com (coming soon!)

    * downloadable from Strava

    The Children's Hospital Trust/Children's Hospital Foundation

    Since 2011, we have worked with the Trustees and management of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Trust assisting with various strategy interventions and offsite sessions.
    Tim currently chairs the Board of the Children's Hospital Foundation.

    Springfield Convent School

    We worked with the Springfield Convent School in the establishment of a fund raising Trust formulating a strategy toward building capital and a foundation legacy.

    Great Expectations

    We worked with a startup in the people development/coaching space to formulate a strategic plan and help them plot their best way forward.


    We worked with a startup in the securi-tech space formulate a strategic plan and their best way forward.


    We worked with a startup in the medical-tech space formulate a strategic plan and help them plot their best way forward.

    Department of Paediatric Surgery, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital

    We worked with the Department of Paediatric Surgery at the Children's Hospital to formulate a strategic plan determining their best way forward.






































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