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    Where is YOUR ORGANISATION headed in these crazy times?  What are the scenarios facing your ORGANISATION?
    Let's help you figure it out!

  • Let the Team at navigatescenarios navigate your organisation through an organisational scenario learning and planning process together so you can plan for plausible organisational futures!


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    • 5 X 60 minute online sessions - that's all it takes!*

    • Navigated through every step 

    • No teaching - only doing!

    * scenarioplanning.me approach - depending on the ORGANISATION size, times may vary

  • By a team of qualified Scenario Navigators...

    Across 94 countries...

    Your scenarios, developed for you, by you, guaranteed...


  • Developing your future scenarios to navigate your #nextbestyou
    made easy...

  • 5 facilitated 60 minute sessions*

    supported every step of the way

    * depending on the ORGANISATION size, times may vary

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    • One-to-one facilitation

    • Satisfaction guaranteed


    Processes modeled on the work of Shell Global Oil (Shell Scenarios), the South African Mont Fleur Scenarios and the more recent work of South Africa's Leading Scenario Planners, Clem Sunter and Chantell Ilbury, authors of Mind of a Fox and Games Foxes Play



  • How it works


    FREE 30 minute no obligation online consultation


    Sign up for one of our scenario learning/planning programs, online

    Book when it suits you best.

    Pay via credit, debit card or PayPal or even Bitcoin.


    Generate your personal scenarios supported by an experienced navigator

    Participate in 4 X 60 minute
    scenario learning 'sprint' sessions


    Post Scenario Planning, option to extend through implementation

    No obligation to continue, its your story!