• Determining purpose… finding your collective Why

    'People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it...' and until you know Why it will always be about How and What...

    What is Purpose?

    Inspired by the work of Simon Sinek, we define purpose as a cause or a belief. It's our contribution to impact and serve others. It inspires us to act!


    Without an engaging reason to believe - an inspired 'why are we doing what we are doing' for which to give it our all, your people will simply 'go through the motions'


    Our Why gives us a reason for doing the work beyond the bottom line. Innovation flourishes and productivity soars.

    At navigate we

    • Facilitate a collective process to craft an inspiring and succinct purpose statement to elevate motivation levels.

    • Help individual leaders craft their own personal purpose to align with that of the organization.


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    We'd be happy to collaborate on finding your purpose as a focused piece of work or integrate it as part of a culture measurement/values mapping engagement.

    Need help in formulating or clarifying your collective/organisational/team or individual purpose - your Why?