• measure your culture so you can leverage, intentionally

    give ‘the way things are done around here’ a baseline score from which to grow

    What is culture?

    Culture is an organisation's way of being...

    It's ‘how things are done around here’, a reflection of both the conscious and subconscious values of an organization. It’s who you are and what you stand for.

    In a perfect world, it mirrors the way your organisation lives your brand.

    Culture Health and performance?

    Based on the work of Richard Barrett, an index of Culture Health is a measure of the extent to which your people align to an organisation's way of being – its character. Organisations with strong yet agile cultures consistently out-perform ones without.


    Culture capital is founded on the level of cultural health of an organisation (purpose driven energy in the system). It can be determined by considering the extent to which there is culture entropy - essentially wasted energy – is present and in particular is flowing out of the system. Companies with high culture entropy generally have low levels of employee engagement and poor culture health, are less productive and profitable.


    How aware are you of the key culture health or entropy themes in your organization?

    At navigate we partner with you to...

    • first determine your current workplace culture, measure the level of wasted energy and in so doing calculate a measure of culture health,

    • consider how we can work toward desired culture
    drivers to mitigate the wasted energy,

    • collaboratively develop a program to build a strong,
    agile culture to support your strategy,

    • align your Team on how to activate the desired culture.

    Through engaging your Team, we design a facilitate a process toward the creation of a culture that supports engagement and productivity in line with your brand purpose.

    Want to measure your organisation’s culture (health/entropy) and establish a baseline from which to effect change (a.k.a. culture transformation)?

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