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    we help you navigate

  • Working with Leaders and their Teams to design, facilitate and execute change processes
    - helping navigate change intentionally - to (re) align, to grow and scale

  • navigating challenges...


    ' Culture change, strategy processes and team dynamics…'

    ' Envisioning our future and facilitating a strategic planning process to guide us in delivering on it...'



    ' Re engineering my strategic planning review process …'




    'Simplifying our strategic planning process…'





    'Strategic thinking and planning facilitation…'




    'Getting my team better aligned...'




    'Strategic planning redesign to improve results...'





    'Getting teams better aligned to shift our team culture...'



    'Getting my organisation and team better aligned to live our values, deliver our mission and drive our strategy...'









    'Planning for a merger/acquisition integration...'




    'Enterprise wide transformation of my organisation's culture and strategy...'


    'Values based leadership development...'


    'Developing a strategy that is executable and my team execute… '



    Thank you, navigate!

    verbatims from Clients...


    'I have had the pleasure of using navigate's expertise a number of times as part of our regional strategy process as well as part of our change management intervention and team dynamic workshops. navigate is always thoroughly prepared having spent a great deal of time analysing the company culture and people dynamics.
    I have plans to continue to make use of this expertise in future...'

    'I have now worked with navigate across two different companies and in different roles.
    They recently facilitated a strategic session for our Management team and provided the experience, vision, structure, professionalism, expertise, energy and excellent attention to detail to ensure we leave the session with a clear vision, actionable objectives and a detailed plan on how to achieve these. I thoroughly enjoy working with navigate and value their business experience, energy, enthusiasm and absolute commitment...'

    'I recommend navigate to any organisational executive body looking to obtain a better understanding of the strategic process and the actions arising therefrom versus operational management decisions. navigate has certainly helped our executive body move forward...'


    'navigate's strategy session provided a focused environment that facilitated collaboration and direction for our business.
    Uncovering strategy is a delicate procedure, but we were impressed with the ease in which it can be done with an experienced navigator. We now look forward to achieving some clear tangible goals that we collectively planned... '


    'We approached navigate to guide our strategic thinking with the view to getting an inclusive and concrete strategic plan with deliverable's as output. Due to their exposure to many businesses, the team were able to elevate our thinking by facilitating and guiding how we need to approach, think and record our combined discussion...'


    'navigate has been brilliant at visualizing of information the team comes up with and allowing the team to reflect and reconsider via the visualization and then consolidate this into concrete action points with targeted outcomes...'


    'Following the navigate process, the team gets to work together and gets to set goals as a team, rather than being told what the goals are. By doing this the team takes ownership of the goals. The collaboration is also very good for team building. I also think the process is good and well thought through. navigate is experienced in the process, knowledgeable, smart. Great facilitator...'


    ' navigate pays attention to the detail, does considerable research prior to becoming involved, delivering a process that is practical, visible and interesting. It achieves good results and remains in the minds of the people...'


    ' navigate quickly grasped the issues to be dealt with and was able to succinctly draw the delegates into dealing with the matters critical to the strategic plan...'


    'We have used navigate to drive our strategic planning process for the last 3 years. In my experience, this process provides informative guidance and a clear way forward. It is very interactive, involving and uplifting in a way. It definitely grows our team spirit and beyond the outcome, enables us to getting to know our team’s views as to what the important factors affecting the company, staff and strategy are. I would recommend this to any other owner managed business looking to empower their teams to participate in the way forward...'


    ' navigate helped us produce a strategy and following this an action plan for our new business – all in one day.... very thorough, action oriented and produced excellent communication throughout the group. We achieved our objectives …highly recommended...'


    'The navigate approach is exceptionally efficient and draws in all participants. We left with a clear path ahead and an action plan to get us there...'


    'Fantastic facilitator, great interpersonal skills, excellent process...'


    'Tim has a deep industry knowledge and his passion for his work and work product shows in every interaction with him. He seeks to understand and provides creative solutions and great results... '

  • navigate combines the strategic expertise of a management consultancy with the creative processes of a design studio and the agile approach of a tech company to get you where you’re going, faster... so that you can align, innovate, grow and succeed!