• Leading research from around the world tells us...

    ‘55% of FTSE 350 companies have seen a 10 % increase in operating profit driven by investment in culture… ‘

    Ernst & Young www.ey.com

    ‘84% of leaders surveyed believe that culture is critical to their organisation's success. 60% think culture is more important than their strategy or their operating model….’

    PwC www.pwc.com

    ‘82% of respondents polled in a Human Capital trends survey believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage...'

    Deloitte www.deloitte.com

    So Peter Drucker may well have been right...


    'Culture (could possibly) eat strategy for breakfast!'

    Peter Drucker, Ford Motor Company 'War Room', 2006

    Want to explore maximising your potential through better understanding values and culture, raising their profile in your personal consciousness?